Welcome Messages

Send channel or direct messages when a user joins your server.

🌟 Get ready for something amazing for your server! 🚀 This feature is a true gem: it allows you to send 💌 direct messages or channel messages automatically when a new user joins your community. It's like having a digital butler welcoming each new member with a personal touch!

Think about the flexibility: - You can opt to send direct messages for a warmer, more personal welcome 🤗, or choose a specific channel for vibrant public announcements 📢. The choice is yours!

Here's the best part: If you decide on both, this smart tool adapts to your needs! If a channel is selected and you also choose to send direct messages, the tool cleverly ignores the channel selection. So no confusion, just pure efficiency! 🌈

It's the perfect way to ensure that every new member of your community feels instantly part of something special and exciting. Make your server shine with this fantastic feature! 💫

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