Role Selection

Auto Role feature allows you to have a container that allows your users to select the roles they want to have.

Good to Know: This feature is great for those that don't want to over use @everyone and @here tags. Empower your guild users to select when they want to be notified of important announcements

In order for the bot to have permission to give the specified roles the bot must have a role higher in the list with Manage Roles permission than the roles you want it to be able to give.


Configuration ItemDescription


Used for your eyes only. Allows you to have the ability to classify what autorole you're editing


Similarly to Identifier but this does not appear in the list of Auto Roles in the list page

Channel ID

The channel that this container message will be housed in

Container Message

The message that this role selection menu is attached to is completely configurable using the message editor.

Role Configuration

After configuring the above it's time to configure the roles you want to be available to select from.

To start adding roles simply select the role from the provided dropdown. Upon selecting from the dropdown you will be selected with some options for additional configuration of the selection.

Configuration ItemDescription


This is used inside the menu select for describing the role.


Use the emoji selection menu to choose an emoji to have next to the role in the select menu.

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