Create channel cleaners

Channel cleaners are an easy way to keep your channel history clean.

Good to Know: Channel cleaners run every hour on the hour.

Channel Cleaners

Important: - The discord API does not allow the bulk deletion of messages older than 14 days. Any messages older than 14 days will be ignored. - Due to the inefficiency of how the discord API is able to handle this we will only search the most recently 500 messages each run. Every time this runs as well it will search remaining messages, so if little messages are sent in that hour it could delete messages older than the previous run if you hit the 500 max in the previous run.

This is a very taxing operation for both Betsy API and the rate limits of the Discord API. This is an experimental feature and will be evaluated often. It could be removed in the future if it poses risk to Betsy. You do NOT get Message Delete events for this operation. Discord does not support message delete events for bulk deletions.

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