Setting up your custom bot

Instructions for setting up your own custom bot through the betzy dashboard.

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Create your discord application

  1. If you do not have a bot create, create one now.

  2. Enable the following Intents

    1. Server Members Intent

Invite your bot to your server

  1. Navigate to Oauth2 -> URL Generator

  2. Tick on the bot and the application.commands scope.

  3. Open up the generated URL to invite your bot

Enter your discord application settings into the Betsy dashboard

Update your Discord Application Settings

Update Webhook URL

In order to receive webhook events for your custom bot you must update the "INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL" in the Discord Application General Information Page.

Enter the following URL "{publicKey}"

You must replace {publicKey} with your application public key. Which can be found just above the Interactions Endpoint URL Input.

For example if your public key is "def077d8420fb37d33f83b835da308ded92fb61a9d9ccb443769bba31fc081ad" the url will look like

If you successfully added the URL it will prompt you as such. It will fail to save if you've done this incorrectly.

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