User Verification

BETA - Verify your users. This will also collect information about their IP Address to determine if they are a bot or not.

How does it work?

When User Verification is turned on your users will be messaged privately by Betsy asking them to visit a website to begin verification. This website is a Betsy Bot URL and once navigated to will gather data about the user's session and save that data for you to review.

We use a service called IP Quality Score to gather this information.

As the Betsy Bot Database grows bigger the protection against alt accounts will improve.


Setting your API Key

To use this feature you must have an IP Quality Score API Key. IPQS is a free service and you can receive an API key for free. Create an account on their website and provide the API key provided on the panel before activating the feature.

Verified Role

Select a role that you want the user to receive once a successful verification happens for that user.

Channel for Audits

This is the channel that logging events about the verification, including blocks, will be sent.

Channel for Verify Button

You can use this configuration item to handle users that have direct messages turned off as Betsy will not be able to message them. A simple message will be sent to this channel that has the URL that would normally be sent to the user via PM.

Block Alts

If this setting is toggled on then any time a alternate account is found for a specified user the verification will fail and the user will not receive the role.

Require Login

Having this toggled on will force the user to login via Discord to the site which gathers additional information on the user's Discord account.

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