Tracked messages

Keep track of important messages, such as top-of-channel messages, rules, etc in an easy way and on-the-fly editing.

Attention, organization and efficiency enthusiasts! 🌟🚀 Here come two amazing features that will revolutionize your server experience:

  1. Real-Time Automatic Updates! 🔄 If you have active tracked messages in the server, get ready for some magic! Every time an edit is made, the original message will automatically update. No more missing out on important information due to changes or updates!

  2. Sticky Messages, but Better! 📌 Heard of "Sticky Messages" in other bots? Well, we take this a step further! With the "Time to Resend" feature on tracked messages, you can ensure that your key message is repeated in the channel at defined intervals. Keep everyone in the loop effortlessly!

🌈✨ These features are designed to keep your server organized and up-to-date, ensuring that important information is always within everyone's reach! 🎉💫

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