Response Commands

Create simple commands that respond in a variety of ways.

Good to Know: This is create for servers that want to relay information quickly for FAQs or just general information that is commonly referred to.




This is the command name and this is what is used in Discord to execute the command


When reviewing the list of command or entering a specific command the description is shown to the user to let them know what the command does

Action Configuration

Actions are essentially a message. You can have up to 5 actions per Response Command.

With actions you can only have one interaction response. Interaction responses are responses to the command itself. Every command must have one interaction response. If you do not create an interaction response the default one will be used as it is required by Discord.

Channel Message action types will just send a message in the channel where the command was executed. You can have as many channel message actions as you'd like. They will be sent as separate messages to the channel.

Use the message builder to create the message for the command. You can view the message preview on the right side of the admin panel page

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