Betsy Webhook Messages

Send messages based on various webhook events from your favorite websites.


Check out our full article on the Betsy Blogs on how to setup and use Webhooks with Discord.

Azure Devops - Service Hooks

You can setup Azure Devops Service hooks to have Betsy Send Messages based on various events that happen within your Azure Devops Projects.


  1. On any Azure Devops project go to your Project Settings.

  2. Click on "Service Hooks" in the left hand menu

  3. Click the "+" button to create a new service hook

  4. Under the list view select "Web Hooks" for your service type

  5. Click Next

  6. Select your Trigger (Check supported triggers below)

  7. Select any filters you want for your trigger

  8. Click Next

  9. Enter your Action Details

    1. In the URL enter the following ""

    2. Your Authentication Username and Password can be null

    3. Under HTTP Headers enter the following

      1. Betsy-Guild-Id:<Your Guild Id> (Betsy-Guild-Id:943258522643230740)

      2. Betsy-Channel-Id:<Your Channel Id> (Betsy-Channel-Id:961001381731377282)

    4. You can leave the rest of the settings alone

  10. Test your New Service Hook with the Test Button. You should see a test message in your server.

  11. If successful, you can hit finish.

    1. If not successful double check the settings. If still having issues open a support ticket in our discord.

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