Custom Implementations

Learn more about how to open tickets in a more customizable fashion.

Open Tickets with Menu Components

How to Configure

You MUST have more than 1 support panel created and configured before you can use this feature. The way this works is you are opening up different panels, which are your different types. This gives you full control over what happens when each of these types are opened

You must have a support ticket panel for each change in "functionality" you want with the different "types" of message you want to open. For example if you want to open a ticket the same exact way but have a different starting message you need to clone your support panel and change the Initial Message. This gives you FULL control over the differences in which "type" of ticket you are opening.

For this example we will use the Tracked Message Feature to house the message with the Menu Select.

First and foremost you must have the Custom Id for the menu select be "MenuCreateTicket". This will tell Betsy's API to create a ticket when something with this menu select happens.

For the options the "Item Value" for the option MUST match the Identifier of the the Support Ticket Panel you would like to open.

Open Tickets with Button Components

How to Configure

For this example we will use the Tracked Message Feature to house the message with the Buttons.

The way that you can use buttons is by utilizing the Custom ID Action "ButtonCreateTicket". Because buttons don't come from a single source, unlike menus, you will need to use the ":" delimiter in the custom ID and append the identifier to the Button's Custom ID. For example if you have a ticket container with the identifier of "test" your custom ID for the button would look like "ButtonCreateTicket:test"

You do not need to have the ticket container active in order to create a ticket through this method.

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