Support Panels (Tickets)

Create a support ticket system directly in your server

We are excited to introduce our new support ticket tracking system! 🚀🎟️

✨ With the 'Create Ticket' component, you can open tickets in your selected category. It's easy and efficient!

🔒 When tickets are closed, the entire chat history is saved for future reference. No more losing important information!

📢 Plus, the ticket creation message will always notify the user who created it, ensuring their attention is directed towards the solution!

📝 If you don't customize the content for the Ticket Container or the Ticket Created Message, don't worry, we have a default design ready for you!

We're thrilled to see how this new feature enhances your experience with us! 🌟💬

Explanation of Settings


DM Transcript on Close

When on the transcript is DM'd to the individual that opened the ticket when the ticket is closed

Allow Claiming

When on the /ticket claim option is available and a button is shown on the ticket that allows someone to claim the ticket.

Public Transcript

When on the transcript link won't require a login to verify permission to view the ticket

Auto Increment Number

When on the created channel name will include the # of the ticket

Hide Name

When on the created channel name will not include the name of the user

Prompt Close Reason

When on , when the ticket is closed a modal will pop up asking to provide the reasoning for closing

Channel for Audits

The channel where various audits about support ticket activity will be logged to

Active Audits

The active audits for the support ticket panel


This is an internal identifier. This is not surfaced to the user and is only used for keeping track of your support tickets in the Betsy Admin Panel. This is also used for Custom ID Interactions


The Discord Category you would like new tickets to be opened to

Channel for Message

The Discord Message you create for the Panel will be posted to this selected channel.

Authorized Roles

These are the roles that are able to view the opened ticket channels.

Category for Closed Tickets

This is if you would like ticket channels to not be deleted when closed but instead get moved to a closed category

Channel Name Prefix

This allows you to set custom text before the created channel name

Max Open Per Person

This controls how many active open tickets a single user can have

Auto Close After

When this has a value entered when the ticket is closed it will instead prompt a message that the ticket is marked to auto close and the owner of the ticket has the ability to confirm the closure. The ticket will automatically be closed after the provided auto close after time in minutes if no buttons are clicked.

Form to Present on Opening

When this has a value a form will be presneted to the user that clicked the opene ticket button to enter additional information before the ticket is opened

Closed Response Text

When a ticket is closed this is the message sent in the interaction response

Form Data Text

This is the text at the top of the form data when you have a form selected to present on opening

Prefix Roles

These are roles that you would like to have a custom prefix applied to the channel name that is created when a ticket is opened.

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